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Every one of our commercial customers—health food stores, coffee shops, and cafés—is feeling the impact of this pandemic.
As are we. As are you.
On the one hand we want to urge all of you to rush out and support these local businesses—and us—by shopping at their stores and stocking your freezer with our chicken potpies and cheesecakes. On the other hand, we want to tell you to stay home and stay healthy. Therein lies the frustrating conundrum of this virus, which has so swiftly upended each of our everyday lives.
One of our most reliable customers recently cancelled their weekly order. We’ve been hearing rumblings from our supplier that deliveries of our specialty ingredients—gluten-free flour, non-dairy butter—may be light. Or cancelled all together. The future we’ve been busily building here at Our Kind Kitchen suddenly seems in jeopardy.
But we are not scared. This may not have been our plan, but we believe it is His. Hard as that may be to comprehend, we know that our response must not be fearful but faithful. What will we do if our customers must close their doors or we deplete the last of our ingredients? How might we put our ovens to work to help those among us in need? These are the questions we are asking. Now, more than ever, we feel compelled to live up to our name, Our Kind Kitchen.
We hope you are all well and, in these scary times, unafraid. We hope you stay home and stay healthy. And we also hope you find ways to support your communities. Should you find yourself at one of our customers’ shops while stocking up on necessities or passing through the drive-thru at Pepper Park Coffee for your morning caffeine, you might consider asking for one of our chocolate chip cookies.
You deserve one.