OUR KIND KITCHEN is a commercial kitchen in Wauconda, Illinois that provides its retailers with a lineup of baked goods and meals that are delivered fresh and entirely free of gluten, soy, and dairy. Our ingredients are almost exclusively organic and never genetically modified.

We serve a growing base of customers across Northern Illinois that includes people with food allergies and sensitivities, as well as those simply committed to clean, healthy eating. Our mission is to provide them a wide variety of nutritious foods and treats that don’t sacrifice on flavor.

Since opening, we have partnered with local retailers and continue to expand our menu on an almost weekly basis. On the sweet side you’ll find items like vegan dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake, blueberry cream ‘cheese’ Danishes, “Gone Nuts” chocolate energy brittle, and impossibly gooey cinnamon rolls slathered in pure vanilla icing. On the savory side, think vegan potpies, basil-veggie quiche, and gluten-free breakfast burritos. Tempted to give something a try? Just say the word! We would love to drop by with a selection of samples and to discuss how our products can satisfy your customers and boost your sales.

Baking from scratch is something we learned to love in the mid-1990s in Colorado, where we opened a family bakery in the San Juan Mountains. But the story behind OUR KIND KITCHEN began years later. Like millions of Americans, our health began to suffer and we resolved to make drastic changes to the types of foods we ate. And like millions of Americans who have chosen to eliminate gluten, dairy, and soy from their diets, we soon discovered a scarcity of satisfying baked goods.
So we went into our kitchen and got to work. Today we have a dedicated commercial kitchen that is entirely free of gluten, dairy, and soy.