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The wildflowers in our back yard are already giving their final colorful display, a late-summer encore before the arrival of autumn. While we’re not quite ready to bid summer farewell, we have to admit: We love fall in Illinois! The crisp mornings and comforting cups of coffee; warm sweaters and walks in the woods—a canopy of colors overhead, the crunch of russet leaves underfoot!

And let’s not forget the plump pumpkins in their patch and the ripe red apples in their orchards, decorating the trees like sweet autumn ornaments. As bakers, there is no more delightful time of year!

With the change of seasons upon us, we have been extra busy in the kitchen. Today we added a lineup of fall treats to our website that are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, but filled with the flavors we love most about fall: pumpkin spice and apples!

You may know we bake our apple cider donuts year round. For a limited time, we’re giving them a seasonal sidekick: baked pumpkin spiced donuts! We’ve also added pumpkin spiced scones, more moist than most thanks to the organic pumpkin puree we add to the batter. These come drizzled with a pumpkin-spiced icing and are perfect with a cup of hot coffee on a cool morning.

Lastly, at the urging of our loyal customers and friends, we’ve created individual-sized versions of our popular fruit pies. Made with fresh organic fruit and topped with streusel, these 4-inch pies are enough to share with someone you love. Available in apple pie, peach pie or blueberry pie.

These fall treats are available for a limited time. They freeze wonderfully, so stock up!