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We are now taking pre-orders for our classic pumpkin and apple pies, along with assorted autumn treats like cider donuts and pumpkin-spiced scones that we hope will add a sweet seasonal touch to your family’s Thanksgiving Day spread.

Orders placed by Sunday, Nov. 22 will be ready for pickup at our Wauconda bakery that Wednesday. Orders placed through retail stores that carry our products will be ready for pickup the same day at those locations.

The popularity of our Thanksgiving pies is the reason we decided to open Our Kind Kitchen as a full-time bakery. That first autumn, we expected to sell a dozen, maybe two, but got orders for 125 instead. A round-the-clock pie-making frenzy ensued; that Thanksgiving, Keith and I were thankful we had survived!

Our favorite compliments came from people who don’t normally eat gluten-free who just loved the crust on our apple pie, with its crisp, sugar-dusted chewiness. Another came from a self-proclaimed hater of pumpkin pies who said he was surprised to find himself devouring ours.

Our pies are vegan and free of gluten, dairy, and soy. They’re made with mostly organic ingredients. While that’s music to some people’s ears, you may have family members who turn up their noses at such terms. Can we make a suggestion? Don’t tell them! Then let us know their reaction. We doubt you’ll hear a complaint!

But okay, if you are simply looking to provide an allergen-free option for a family member (very thoughtful of you!), we have a perfect solution: mini-pies! They come in pumpkin and streusel-topped apple or blueberry. Click here for a full look at our Thanksgiving goodies.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, amid a pandemic, we are aware that for some families the upcoming holiday may look a little different. It has been, to say the least, a disruptive year—business and school closings, lost jobs and illnesses, widespread political and civil strife. It would be easy and even understandable for many of us to feel dispirited instead of grateful.

But let’s not.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in harder times than these—right from that fabled first, in fact, when a group of hard-bitten pilgrims feasted and praised God when their corn and barley crops came in. What things we take for granted today.

During the hardship of the Revolutionary War, George Washington is said to have ordered special thanksgiving services for his troops following military victories. In his first year as president, he issued a national proclamation in which he recommended a day of “public thanksgiving and prayer” so that the people of the United States might acknowledge with grateful hearts the “many signal favors of Almighty God”—among them general tranquility and abundance, civil and religious liberty, and a newborn government, established to ensure their safety and happiness.

That day was celebrated on Nov. 26, 1789. Two hundred thirty-one years later to the day, all of our families will gather with much to be grateful for. May we focus our hearts on that.

And our forks on a fat slice of pie.